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TSA at UC Davis

We are Turkish students at UC Davis. You can find our latest events in this website. Feel free to contact us :)

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Turkish Student Association at UC Davis

Turkish student association (TSA) at the University of California at Davis is established in the late 90’s. Our goal, as TSA at UC Davis, is to form a closer bond between students/staff here at UC Davis, present/promote the Turkish culture, art, and history to the American People as well the diverse population of the United States, and guide the new Turkish students and staff arriving at Davis to make the transition a little more smooth.

We would like to invite all our Turkish friends at Davis to become members, and participate in our activities. Who is better than Turkish fellows at sharing bitter homesick days, celebrating a Turkish national holiday, and organizing events that will help our international friends to know us better..

All folks out there who are not Turkish, be sure to ask your Turkish buddy about the upcoming event, and do come, you will not regret…